I believe in measurable results and immeasurable passion.

I stand 6 feet, 1 inch tall. I’ve won 8 professional titles with 6 different partners. I dead lift 232 lbs (105 kilos.) In one season I blocked 108 balls (38 more than the next best blocker on the AVP.) And that’s just the tip of the knuckle on a jumbo pokey as far as numbers are concerned. To do what I do for a living means crunching the numbers on everything from milligrams of Omega 3s to airline miles on credit cards. Showing you everything I measure would take all day, so here are a few highlights.

One guy who actually does seem to have all day to gather results in our sport is Dennis Wagner. This patron saint of volleyball history from Richmond, VA has complied the most comprehensive collection of statistics on the planet for players’ tournament results, partnerships, earnings…you name it.bvbinfo You can check out my page on his site with this button. And if you have the means, please donate to his site. It’s an unbelievable service he provides to the volleyball community without asking for anything in return.