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BLOG: Pumping in Cambodia

Per Rup temple at sunset

Before my trip, I was trying to research the web for tips for pumping and bringing back my milk and it was quite difficult to find what I was looking for. So, since I was … Read More

BLOG: We’re back, baby!

Whew, I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since Willa entered our world! So much has changed—I didn’t realize how much a little 7lb 8oz bundle could move the needle on how I spend my time! I’ve learned a lot … Read More

BLOG: My Birth Story

Every birth is different. Every baby is different. Every mom is different. I learned these birthing truths beforehand, but I didn’t “know” these to be truths until after. I took an intensive birth class with an incredibly knowledgeable teacher. I … Read More

BLOG: When should I take rest days??

How do I know when to go hard with my workouts or when to have an active recovery day??

There are 4 main factors that I look at together to help me decide on a daily basis how hard to … Read More

BLOG: 10 Tips to Optimize Sleep!

Above: Ikea variable light bulb with control, Snooz white noise machine, a Snake Plant, ear plugs, eye mask, and one (or two) good boys.


1) Limit your blue light before bed.

World Champs Silver Medal!!

Here is the transcript from the DiG magazine interview by Jon Hastings, which feels like a pretty good recap of the best finish of my career! To see the complete match coverage click here!

VolleyballUSA: Congrats on the silver medal at the … Read More

AVP Champs!!

Iconic Chicago set the stage for the 2016 AVP Championships this year and the city did not disappoint! Great food, an amazing North Beach cityscape backdrop, and incredible fans. After 7 long matches over 3 days Brooke and Lauren … Read More

Blog: Olympics Bound!

After a grueling 16 month qualification process that took us across the globe from Moscow to China to Brazil and so many more cities… We did it.  We qualified for the Rio 2016 Olympics!

It’s been a crazy ride…  There … Read More

Blog: Fendy Fan Club Update (April 2016)

Recent Events

I’ve been in China these past 2 weeks. My impressions of China during this brief stay have been extremely positive! While the culture is starkly different than America, the people we dealt with were very warm … Read More