I am passionate about sun protection and I’m so stoked to partner with the iconic beach brand Zinka! I grew up with Zinka (who didn’t throw the pink Zinka on their nose when they were a kid?!) and for me it represents the beach lifestyle and health at the same time.

I spend the majority of my week outside in the sun at the beach training my tail off… and on the weekends I love being active outdoors. So basically, I’m soaking up rays all day, everyday.

I rely on Zinka sunscreen because it provides safe, effective coverage for my skin. Their nosecoat is a complete block of harmful UVA UVB rays, so I know that my skin is being protected maximally. I also wear their clear zinc lotion, which is paragon free, to cover everything else! It’s so fun to wear different colors and tailor your skin protection style to whatever you feel like on that particular day!