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Meet Chris, my Nutritional Science & Exercise Physiology expert

CHRIS TALLEY, CEO of Precision Food Works, Inc.

Chris Talley is a nutritional scientist who specializes in the unique requirements of ultra-elite athletic performance. He has more than 27 years of experience in the fields of nutritional science and exercise physiology. Chris has also pioneered the use of information and methodologies that have not previously been utilized in the athletic nutritional arena.

Chris’ career began as an Aerospace Physiologist, studying the effects of microgravity environmental conditions on human metabolic processes. He discovered that many of the nutritional interventions that help preserve muscle mass and neurological function in space also increase muscle mass and sharpen nervous system performance on Earth. Very few nutritional investigators had any experience in this field, but this realm held incredible implications in the world of athletic performance. Because of his desire to tap the potential of this previously unexplored scientific field, Chris founded Precision Food Works, Inc (PFW).


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PFW is a high-tech nutritional corporation that scientifically evaluates each individual through blood/urinalysis then, utilizing proprietary software, generates a complete, state-of-the-art nutritional regimen. Athletes are given either an individualized, sport-specific dietary program or a customized nutritional plan with meals prepared daily to address each athlete’s unique physiological needs. Because of the incredible number of elite athletes that have gone through this evaluation process, PFW’s database contains sport-specific nutritional datasets (blood and urine) from more than 5,000 elite athletes. This data is unavailable to anyone else on the planet, and PFW has data-mined this repository thoroughly to gain every performance edge available.


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PFW’s clientele includes multiple Major League Baseball MVPs, 4 MLB Cy Young award winners, more than 30 MLB All-Stars, 2 NBA MVPs and 13 All-Stars, 2 NFL MVPs and more than 30 Pro Bowlers, 3 Heisman Trophy winners, 2 World Champion figure skaters, Gold Medalists in 16 Olympic events, and a host of household-name athletes who hold records and/or championship titles in their sports (some of whom are soon to be enshrined in their respective Halls of Fame.) Chris has also been a speaker at several nutritional seminars and his expertise has been sought out by many of the most respected sports medicine physicians in the world. He is currently Red Bull’s high performance nutrition counsel, ensuring that all of the company-sponsored, world-class athletes have the best dietary programs and advice possible.

This passage taken from SenseLabs bio for Chris Talley.