My Strength Trainer

Meet the man in charge of my muscles, Anthony

ANTHONY DARMIENTO, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Anthony has been my strength coach for the past two seasons. He has a B.S. in Exercise Science, an M.S. in Strength and Conditioning and has worked with both collegiate and professional athletes for half a dozen years. I’ve seen measurable gains in multiple aspects of my fitness level since I started working with him and believe he’s got me on a path of constant improvement.

I asked him to provide a few words about his approach here and, as you might expect from a coach who’s all about discipline and process, it’s pretty buttoned-up.

The primary responsibility of a Strength and Conditioning Coach is to foster an environment where he can initiate trust with sport coaches and athletes while applying scientific-based principles to improve athletic performance. The success of any training program depends on its quality of implementation. Serving coaches, preparing athletes, being a professional and living a commitment to learning are core values of a performance coach. A coach must be a teacher, mentor and leader while displaying the behaviors and actions that abide by the goals and missions of the organization, sport coaches and athletes.

Iron workhorse

One of the most difficult things to do is train on the road. Whether I’m overseas killing time between tournaments or enjoying a little getaway during the off-season, I’m always in need of a place to train. Sometimes it’s a really plush hotel gym and other times it’s a hole in the wall that I learn about from a friend of a friend. No matter the time, location or conditions of the facility, the one thing I control is my desire to get better. And while my muscles may not know where they are, they know when they’re being used.