A terrific Pilates studio that's served me well

As a professional athlete, I’m always on the lookout for trainers and training programs that can lead to improvements in my performance. For my body, I have a proven strength and conditioning coach as well as a trusted nutritionist. For training the mental aspects of my game, I have two phenomenal sports psychologistsAnother resource I’ve called upon in my training is Alisa Wyatt, a good friend and owner of a Pilates studio in Hermosa Beach called Pilatesology. The studio has been a sponsor of mine and Alisa has helped me use Pilates to increase strength, correct specific body movements and increase my mental focus. If you’re looking for a great way to improve your health and exert more control over your body, I highly recommend her.

Here’s a session we filmed for a demonstration video. It’ll give you a good sense of what Pilates looks like and what it’s all about.