April 6, 2015

Blog: 2015 Miami Exhibition Coed Full Match Videos

We had the opportunity to play along-side the ATP Miami Open tennis event April 2-4. The court was set up right next to the tennis stadium and featured the top 3 AVP teams from each gender. It was a really fun environment and we mixed up the teams and genders and played a lot of mixed doubles, 3s and 4s.  Enjoy the match videos!

The first video is the match footage with Papa John Hyden and me against Emily Day and Nick “the Quick” Lucena. This was the 2nd match of the tournament and we had free reign to decide what format to use.  We followed the 1st match’s coed format of the 1st set being on a women’s net with the men not jumping and the 2nd set being on a men’s net with everyone jumping. After playing we decided that playing on the men’s net was a lot more interesting and exciting! I had so much fun feeding Papa John that little wide on-2 pass. His arm is so quick and accurate and he always gets his feet to the ball! Definitely going to try to emulate that in my game.

Below is the only women versus men’s match!  Brooke “the Pony Express” Sweat and April “Boss” Ross took on Phil “Philip” Dalhausser and Jake “Jacob” Gibb on a women’s net, no jumping for the fellas. Be sure to listen closely for a Jake “Over You!” call on the Pony block.

I’m not sure I had ever played 3s before, let alone 3s coed, but this was a really fun group! Nick, Tri “Tip”, and I took on “The Pony Express,” Papa John, and Casey “Zero Emotion” Patterson on a men’s net.  Be on the look out for an I-formation pass scheme and a fake set from Brooke to an on-2 from Ragnar Lothbrook.

Kerri “tons of free time” Walsh and Tri “Tip” took on Brooke “The Pony” and big Philip on a men’s net in this coed matchup.

I’m so bummed I forgot to turn on the camera for this match. I only got the final couple points. This was a really fun, exciting 3s match with lots of great plays.  We rolled for teams, which paired up April, Tri and me versus Casey, Kerri and Nick. April was crushing on the men’s net.

This was the first match of the exhibition and it featured ex-partners and current partners across the net from each other, with April and Casey versus Jen and Jake. The first set is on a women’s net with the men not jumping and the second set is on a men’s net with everyone jumping.

This was a great matchup that went into overtime (I believe) in both sets featuring April and Phil versus Emily and Casey!