Meet Lauren

USA Beach Volleyball Olympian

Hi, I’m Lauren. Welcome to my website! As a professional beach volleyball player and USA Olympian, I travel all over the world competing in tournaments against the best players on the planet. Along with my partner and my coach (and husband) Andrew, I venture to countries like Norway, Brazil, the Netherlands and China in pursuit of medals on the FIVB tour. And when we’re not…

…getting new stamps on our passports, we’re flying to places like New York City, Austin and Manhattan Beach trying to win titles on the AVP tour. My dream is to again represent the United States in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan and this time bring home the ultimate prize in our sport—an Olympic gold medal. In addition to a busy traveling, training and playing schedule, I’m a proud brand ambassador for ObrigadoJolynMasimo, and Zinka. In my free moments, I love to explore the outdoors through snorkeling, climbing, body-surfing, hiking…pretty much any activity that gets me away from computer screens and airplane cabins. Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy your time here and find what you’re looking for. Please drop me a line if you come up with a suggestion about how to make it better. If after reading this you still feel like you don’t know me, check out my career history page. It explains a bit of how I got here.

photo via Gaby Peñagarícano on twitter: @eaag

There are a few people I’d like to thank for making the pursuit of my dream possible. First and foremost, my husband, Andrew, for his unwavering support as my coach, companion and about 17 other unsung roles. Thanks to my #1 fan, my mom, Merle, for her unconditional love and support over the years and for having my back 100%. Thanks to my in-laws, Lori and Regan, for their support and understanding, including their acceptance of my crazy schedule and all the things I do to try and become better. Thanks to my extended family and friends for cheering from near and far, across the nation and the globe. Thank you to my team of experts—my strength coach Austin Einhorn of Apiros, Aaron Quinn (Anat Baniel/movement guru), and Sara Cohen-Tanza (pelvic floor PT)—for guiding me to become my best self.