September 5, 2016

AVP Champs!!

Lauren is back-to-back AVP Championship winner

Iconic Chicago set the stage for the 2016 AVP Championships this year and the city did not disappoint! Great food, an amazing North Beach cityscape backdrop, and incredible fans. After 7 long matches over 3 days Brooke and Lauren came away victorious! The final was an exciting grueling 3-set match versus up-and-comers Kelley Larsen and Betsi Metter-Flint. The 3rd set was an intense back and forth with both teams making insane hustle plays towards the end of the set. It was a block by Lauren however that sealed the victory. Brooke led the tournament in digs with a whopping 147 digs (8.16 per set), while Lauren led the tournament in blocks with 28 total blocks (1.56 per set) and aces with 19 (1.06 per set).

With the new point system in effect (teams had to earn a real point to win the match), the match saw over 30 extra serves in over-time in the 3rd set. Fendrick said of the match, “It was such a mental battle, to reset and refocus after each long rally, I mean it’s no different than a normal game, but to have the extra 30 serves at the end with everything on the line made the mental side of it so challenging and so rewarding. I give a ton of credit to Betsi and Kelly for being such a young team and being able to go the distance battling us mentally and physically.”