July 25, 2016

Blog: Olympics Bound!

After a grueling 16 month qualification process that took us across the globe from Moscow to China to Brazil and so many more cities… We did it.  We qualified for the Rio 2016 Olympics!

It’s been a crazy ride…  There are slim margins at the highest levels of the game – sometimes the difference between getting a 25th and a 5th isn’t that big in terms of how you’re playing… And the same goes between a 5th and a medal. The highs of international competition are so fleeting, and the lows can be brutal, so for the past 4 years we have tried to put my emphasis on controllable factors. It was hard to ignore the realities of the points and rankings leading up to qualification, but ultimately we knew what we could control – like enjoying the new cultures we were in, our effort, our mindset, our preparation. In terms of the matches during qualification, there were some really dramatic moments for everyone on tour – maybe it was narrowly making it out of pool by one point, or getting a great finish in a big points tournament, or being inspired by an intense match on the court next to us – it’s just been really exciting and I’m so honored and humbled to have gotten to experience it all (the highs and the lows).

We head into the Olympics wearing the most successful flag the Olympic sport of beach volleyball has ever known… a gold in every Olympics. Some might think this is intimidating, but I view these high expectations as a belief in our ability to do great things at the Olympics. I am so honored to be a part of the storied USA Beach Volleyball Olympic legacy.

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