BLOG: We’re back, baby!

Whew, I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since Willa entered our world! So much has changed—I didn’t realize how much a little 7lb 8oz bundle could move the needle on how I spend my time! I’ve learned a lot … Read More

BLOG: My Birth Story

Every birth is different. Every baby is different. Every mom is different. I learned these birthing truths beforehand, but I didn’t “know” these to be truths until after. I took an intensive birth class with an incredibly knowledgeable teacher. I … Read More

Blog: Fendy Fan Club Update (April 2016)

Recent Events

I’ve been in China these past 2 weeks. My impressions of China during this brief stay have been extremely positive! While the culture is starkly different than America, the people we dealt with were very warm … Read More

Blog: Reflections on OKC

Just a day after returning home from my adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii, I was on my way to the AVCA Convention and NCAA Women’s final four in Oklahoma City. I dove right back into all things volleyball, starting with a classroom … Read More

Blog: Big Island Adventure

This offseason, Andrew and I went to the Big Island of Hawaii for a week of full immersion into nature. It was the perfect way to recharge after a long season. Billy, my dirt bike buddy from childhood, and his Ger-waiian … Read More